Slot Machine online casino: rules, winning strategies and bonuses

USA has always evoked the idea of well -being and security: when it comes to investing money, few countries can compete with experience and class "made in CH". This is also why our team is able to guarantee you - in terms of online casino and online slot machine - the best guide, for professionalism and precision. Every Online USA casino In fact, it offers a great variety of slot machines, each with different rules and sometimes it can be really difficult to choose with which online slot machine with real money, each with different rules and sometimes it can be really difficult to choose which online slot to play with and what strategies to use.

List of the best slot machine casinos in USA in 2022

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22Bet casino
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Golden Star Casino
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  • Payments with cryptocurrency
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Gunsbet Casino
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The best online slot machines sites in USA

True money online slots have a relatively recent history compared to other gambling: in fact, they are born in the late 19th century, in San Francisco, with the intention of offering games with less sophisticated rules, also accessible by the wives of the players of gambling. They were very different from the current slots and had 5 rollers on which the symbols of the playing cards were affixed. "The Liberty Bell" is the first "modern" slot: he had 3 rollers, the symbols were of different types, there was a side lever and the prizes were in cash (and no longer in drinks at the bar, as previously).

In the early 1900s, the slots were modified and made more handy: from here on they became one of the most appreciated games in casinos. The players, more and more experienced, however also found the way of tampering them: thus introduced electronic programs that put the slot machines with real money safely from the cunning of the players.

5 Criteria of choice for the best slots in online casinos

As you will well know the online slot machines real money is really many. In fact, each casino presents a catalog people from hundreds, if not thousands of the best online slots, so choose is not always easy. In fact, deciding which slot to invest your credits is a hard work and to help you, we have listed for you some of the most important criteria in the choice:

  1. Reputation. Even the best online slots real money have their own reputation in this area, so choose the most famous ones, they are for one reason.
  2. Safety. This advice is generally valid for the whole site on which you decide to play, make sure that everything is managed as required by law.
  3. Design. The eye also wants its part, so make sure that the best online slots you decide to play, are also captivating for your aesthetic taste. Playing on something you don't like doesn't make much sense.
  4. Jackpot. Many slots have a so -called jackpot, or a very high figure that corresponds to a rare combination of symbols that, if caught, can really change your life.
  5. Back to the player. Each slot has its own standard value, declared in the conditions, which establishes how much the return of the planned investment is.

Different types of slot machines

Each internet casino is able to offer a great variety of online slots with real money and it is not easy for the player to beat himself in the choice but there is a constant advantage in online game: the possibility of having higher jackpots (even progressive ) and a greater payout than the terrestrial slots. An important distinction that must be traced is that between slot with a single line of payment and multiline slot: the former have the retro charm of the first real slots and, in addition, the possibility of making winnings to which only online can be aspired. The multiline real money slot machines instead have multiple payment lines (their number can go up to 50).

This makes them more "interesting" from the point of view of the win, but also more demanding for the initial figure to invest: to activate further lines (and have the opportunity to win on those and not only on the central line, as is the case for traditional slots) you need to play a few more coins. With reference to the prize pool, some slots are progressive or with progressive jackpot: a prize pool to which every player also contributes when he bets, as a part of his play is added to the prize pool itself.

Play slot machines in Best casino real money.

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The 3 best slot developers for casino on the internet

If you are used to playing on multiple slot machines sites, you will have noticed that these games often and willingly repeat on several portals, have you ever wondered why? Probably not, but there is no magic or theft behind the use of the same Slot Machine real money on different sites simultaneously, this is because the games are generally provided by third -party agencies. In fact, there are several production houses for video games, so they also exist for online casinos. Below are three of the best development houses in the field of online slot games real money:

  1. Netent. Abbreviation for Net Entertainment, is one of the agencies that deals with developing some of the best slot machines among the most renowned and famous in the field of online casino in the world. However, there are other games beyond the slots, with a particular preference for live and non -live card games.
  2. Microgaming. Competitor and colleague of the previous one, Microgaming is appreciated throughout the world of online casinos for its ever new and captivating slot machines, capable of capturing the public for unforgettable hours of play. Here too there is no lack of attention to games that provide a variable to the usual slots.
  3. Playtech. This is another historical name among the developers, coming to create some of the best online slot machines. In over twenty years of work Playtech has increased his fame, as well as his catalog of games, always appreciated for reliability and therefore chosen on numerous casinos

Slot strategies

But are there strategies to obtain the winning combination and pocket these dizzying jackpots in online casinos? An excellent way of taking hand is to start with the best free online slots, so as to understand how the game works and if it can be suitable for our gambling style. Once you decide to play seriously and start to aim for money, obtaining the winning combination is unfortunately a matter of luck, as in all gambling. In slot machines, however, those who have little propensity for risk and want to aim little have equally few possibilities for winning: multislot are an opportunity to obtain beautiful winnings but on condition that as many lines as possible, and to activate them it is necessary to pay.

In the same way, the most expensive slots are the most generous ones then in terms of winning so it is also necessary to evaluate here what you are willing to risk and with what you are satisfied with winning. Then there are advice that are worth for any gambling or, therefore also on online slot sites: fix a budget, reached which must be strictly stopped playing; self -control and rationality, both when you win and when you lose; accept the loss as part of the game.

We would like to introduce you to one of the best slots in Italy: Money Train 2

The 5 best slots with higher payment rates

In addition to providing you with the most important criteria in choosing the most suitable machine slot machines for your specific needs, below we briefly talk about the best five slots with the highest payments for you:

  1. 9 Pots of Gold Slot Machine. Translatable into Italian simply as the "9 golden pots", this slot is clearly based on the Irish theme by resuming the myth of the famous pan called gold at the end of the rainbow. In fact, there is no shortage of all the references to culture. Speaking of Payout, however, the RTP (Return To Player) value is 96.24 %.
  2. Book of Oz Slot Machine. Among the other classic online slots we cannot fail to mention Book of Oz, a game perhaps among the best known in circulation that also offers an excellent RTP of 96.31 %, therefore for every 10 credits you want to play, in the long run, you can expect a Certain return of about 9.6 credits. The theme is that of magic, with a large dose of green.
  3. Ancient Forts: Zeus. Clearly inspired by the ancient gods of the Greek Pantheon, this slot allows you to play in a classic and mythological atmosphere, always very fascinating. At your disposal you will have 5 rollers and 10 lines on which you can win good figures with an RTP of about 96%.
  4. 9 Masks on Fire. Fourth among the slot games with real money we have 9 Masks on Fire, an interesting slot of the Gameburger studio, also here with an RTP of 96.24 %.
  5. Hyper Gold Slot. Fifth but not least we have this microgaming slot, another interesting game developer for casino. RTP guaranteed by 96.08%.

But how do you recognize exactly a good video slot?

First of all, it is always the case that these Italy online slots cover certain themes, whether it is a well -known film, a popular series or simply a certain genre in general. Games with fantasy or science fiction themes are very popular. But also historical slots have become permanent success. These slots are also very easy to play and usually very cheap.

In normal slots, the aim is to bring the symbols to the rollers that run in such a way as to make them land in a certain order or constellation on the appointed payment lines. If this is the case, the player has won.

You can also play slots in live casino online.

The characteristics of modern slot machines are:

  • Already playable with small quantities
  • Nice graphics and effects
  • Several themes are used
  • Easy to play
  • Available in large numbers

The best slot bonuses

Another valid help made available by now all online casinos for online slot machines games is that of bonuses. With the welcome bonuses, for example, you are given a part of the sum you have bet, a part that can be calculated or in a percentage extent (real welcome bonus) or indicating the maximum limit - in absolute terms - that the Casino offers you (CD bonus with maximum deposit).

The no deposit bonuses are also very interesting for the player: a sum of money to be played is made available to the player, without therefore an "real" initial investment. What the player must be careful, however, is the Playthrough or the number of bets to which that bonus is subject: the welcome bonuses without initial deposit can turn into a "real" bonus only after a number of games predetermined by the rules of the casino null

And the number can be very high, even 50, so the advantages of the bonus are zeroed by the conditions to which its actual collection is bound (also for this reason it is always good to read terms and conditions of the slot machines bonuses in online casinos) null Often online casinos offer for the slot machines games the bonus "Giri slot machine free", or "free spins" with which you can play an initial number of games for free, generally at slots. The greater the number of games offered by the best online slot machine site, the better for the player (be careful that there is no maximum roof to the withdrawal of the winnings obtained).

Pros and cons to play slot machines

Surely playing online is very funny, but everything is not always roses and flowers. Below we want to help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of playing online at the mess. So let's start with the pros:

  • Fun. As with every game, the slot machines also have their own intrinsic fun, regardless of whether there is real money at stake. It is no coincidence that there are many free online slots on casinos.
  • Possibility of gain. Although gambling does not guarantee any winnings and on the contrary, as shown by the Long -term RTPs it is necessarily lost, but this does not exclude that in the short period you can find even quite high winnings. The trick is to understand when to stop.
  • Safety. Playing online slots is infinitely safer than making it live in a real casino or a betting room. Your money is always safe and you will never have to worry that someone may rob you.

Among the cons we have:

  • Losses. As indicated by the RTP or Return To Player data, the slots are scheduled to make you lose the long term.
  • Dependence. The most important risk for anyone who starts playing real money is that of addiction.
FAQ (frequent questions)
1. Can I win real money by playing online slots?

Of course, the slots allow you to try your luck and also win excellent figures up to very high jackpots.

2. How can I defeat the online slot machine?

Online slot machines are scheduled to return a percentage on your investment, to beat them you have to know how to withdraw when you are winning.

3. Can I play online slot machines without downloading?

Of course, online you find many casinos that allow you to play without downloading anything, but directly from the browser.

4. What are the advice for slot machines to win real money?

The best advice for those who want to win at the slots is to retire when you are winning, unfortunately in the long term you get lost.

5. How to choose a good slot machine?

To find the slot we like best, we advise you to try them first for free: there are many sites that allow you to do it.

Casino of the month

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