Online roulette: our Safe Casino list in USA 2022

USA is notoriously one of the 10 richest countries in the world. His high lifestyle, his guarantees of legality and discretion make it a point of reference for all those who want to grow their wealth. And wealth is general wealth: the terrestrial casinos the opening to the online casinos recently declared by the American government are a clear sign of preparation of the country in this sense. With our help and our guide you will be able to understand the rules of the game and find the best online roulette sites on which to play. Continue reading to find out about strategies to obtain consistent winnings, bets and the best versions of USA online roulette With us here, on this page.

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Online roulette: a brief introduction

Online roulette is a guarantee of excitement and fun at the game table in each of the best online roulette sites. Roulette, one of the most adrenaline games, has a long history. In fact, the first "specimens" of roulette date back to the times of the Roman legionaries who used a shield as a base on which to make the ball fall back.

Today the casino roulette is made up of a cylinder that rotates on sphere bearings and on whose perimeter they are arranged ➌➐ numbers (from 0 to ➂➅), ➌➑ in the American version ( there is 00).

Our online casino list, we offer you various versions of this universally popular classic naturally also in the demo version, where you can get to know the online Roulette game without real betting. When you feel more and more secure, nothing will prevent you from doing a few rounds of real betting in the online casino or in Live casino.

The goal is always the same: we try to guess on which numeric field the ball will land in the wheel that runs 🎱. There are several ways of doing it, which are associated with more or less risks.

All games in the online casino are controlled by a random numbers generator. This also known as "random generator" or RNG in short. The results of the Best online roulette They are therefore purely random, without the other players having any influence on them.

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Different forms of online roulette

When approaching the game of roulette sites, it is good first to know the types available as the small difference that distinguishes them, in reality, may not be so irrelevant to the fate of the player.

The best known variants of Roulette are $pean, American and American roulette and others.

☸ Roulette americana: in contrast to the $pean and American variants, with a double additional zero;

☸ roulette french boulette: Classic game with 36 numbers of numbers and one zero. Typical of this variant the American language, with announcements such as "Faites Vos Jeux!" or "Rien nor Va Plus!";

☸ $pean roulette: similar to American roulette, but above all in English;

☸ Roulette with several wheels: A game of roulette real money with multiple wheels, which expands the chances of bet;

☸ Live roulette: An online game managed by a real Croupier. The Croupier is located in a casino or in an adequately equipped study. He makes the typical announcements and launches the ball in the wheel he turns. The Croupier also constantly under notarial control.

As for offline games, the casino roulette americana It differs significantly from the other variants. Not only does it have a green camp with 0, but also a second green field, double zero or 00. Consequently, the advantage of the house in playing American online roulette is a little bigger than in the other two widespread variants of the game.

The American version It is particularly known as the origin of this game was in USA, thanks to the Blanc brothers. The numbers present range from 0 to 36 (00 missing), there are the "in prison” e “resa". In addition, the chips received by the player are all of the same color, even if they have different values.

The English type It is completely similar to the American one except in the lack of the "en prison", so the counter has a slight advantage: the en prison causes the Croupier, at the release of the zero, move (also "physically" with the rake) all the episodes on the simple chances inside the special line inside the simple chances; At the next episode they are released always that zero does not come out again.

In addition to these mentioned, there are several other variants of online roulette: just remember the Royale roulette, available only on the Roulette online games, in which there is a progressive jackpot so if the number played comes out twice in a row is paid an additional sum ; If it comes out five times, you win the progressive jackpot (in the Royal Royal roulette the bench also bets a sum on each episode of the player).

Play online roulette with real money ⚙

Rulete online was one of the most popular casino games for many decades. The ball fascinates visitors in the Roulette casino online and also offline. In the following sections you will learn more about this classic among the board games, which of course also very well represented in our range.

Playing the best online roulette with real money, allows you to fully enjoy the experience of the game, allowing you to try to try win important figures, is experiment with the thrill of the betnull To do this, just register in one of the online Roulette casino we talked about and, after the first deposit, try the fate on a roulette game. If you don't feel like starting immediately by investing money, moreover, many casinos the roulette allow you to try the free online roulette before with fake money. In this way you will learn the game mechanism and you can study how better to invest your figures.

Its casino

Roulette strategy: how to play online roulette with profit? 💰

The Croupier launches a ball (in the opposite direction to that of the rotation of the cylinder), which will settle on one of the basins - red or black - dug for each number and the player must "focus" on one or more numbers. On average, the ball performs from 8 to 10 laps before settling in the basin and the short time that is needed is, for the player, as well as infinitely long even particularly full of adrenaline, because he will lead to the outcome of his game.

The Roulette Game Rules are quite simple: The player has to guess which number the ball will settle on, betting against the counter.

With strategies that mostly go back to famous mathematics, you can try to tame the risk in the game. Important, especially for the new players, who know the possible bets and risks and possibilities associated. For example, they should know what internal and external bets are.

Although in fact the scoreboard is made up of ⓷⓺ numbers does not necessarily have to bet on one or more numbers, but there are many other possible bets. It starts first of all from the simplest one: the color. On the outer edge of the Roulette Casino online table, in fact, you can bet on the exit of one or the other color. This method is highly appreciated because it greatly reduces risk and possible gain is always double, therefore not a little. Another trick is the bet on the groups of numbers, for example you can bet on the first twelve, or even on the last twelve. Below we deepen all the most important play.

The best bets in the Roulette casino 🔴⚫

The episodes are generally distinguished in "base" (Red-black; even odd; Manque/Passe) e “multiple” (full; horse; full transversal; Carrè; Four first; simple transversal; column; dozen). The former are paid on par, that is, once the mail; The latter have a more profitable payment and which varies according to the type of play: range from the "full number", paid 5 times the mail ( the mail itself of course) to the combination of the "column" which is paid twice the mail (including the mail itself). For the newbies of the game, it is advisable to start with simple games, betting on the color for example: you have 50% of the possibility of winning ( 0). In a similar way you can focus on the line.

The highest bet with the largest win in the online casino roulette is called The Smomesta fullnull With this type of bet, the player bets only on existing numbers, which means that the possibility of winning is quite low. On the other hand, this type of bet is all the more profitable if the user should win.

In this case, the winning amounts to 35 times the episode the episode itself. Therefore, it must not surprise that a winning pleine bet in the mobile roulette is particularly applauded. However, this bet is not for beginners, since they really don't really dare to make this type of bet on the best online roulette. But they have the other types of bets, which are safer.

If this bet is too risky for your style of play, you can halve the earnings with the simple bet "horseback". In this case, your bet stands between two numbers and, if one of these comes out, you will receive a payment of 17 times your episode.

Remember by itself that zero is special in the Roulette online real money!

Roulette bonus offers 🎁

When you switch from terrestrial roulette to virtual, online casinos are in degrees to offer various types of bonus roulette online, even of conspicuous entity, to "attach" customers to the game and must be taken seriously when choosing the portal to play on.

il No deposit bonus For example, it gives the possibility of having a sum of money made available to the casino (the CD "fun bonus") To start playing. Beware of Playthrough or the bond that the game house requires the player to bet that sum for a certain number of times.

Some casino also offers the Good to pray for free (“free hour") Or provides a conspicuous sum of money to be played in an hour: in case of winning, the difference will be credited to a bonus roulette account. Following a payment and completion of the Play Thorugh it will then be possible to collect all the money of the win.

With the best Welcome roulette bonus Instead the casino gives a percentage of the sum paid or a part of the same: they are interesting options, but to obtain them it is always necessary to pay a sum.

A "special" promotion is that of High roller bonus, reserved for great players: they require a very high initial investment but also give the possibility of winning out of the average (it is no coincidence that it is an offer reserved for VIP players).

⭐ Conclusion: how to find the best roulette casino

After wisely evaluated all the game variables, you just have to start playing. The game of online roulette sites is certainly the most fascinating of the casino ones, both for its aesthetic and almost ceremonial appearance, and for the great chances of winning that are behind. For these reasons it is an online casino game that we always recommend to all our readers.

FAQ (frequent questions)
1. Where can I find safe online casino with roulette?

If you are looking for a new online casino with safe roulette, you can choose one of those listed in this article.

2. How to play online roulette with real money?

Just register in one of the online casino mentioned in the article, make your first deposit and start playing immediately.

3. What are the different types of roulette?

There are different types of Roulette games From online casino, the most famous are certainly American and American roulette.

4. How to play free roulette online?

Many online casinos allow you to try theirs Online roulette games for free, so you will learn the functioning of the Roulette game online calmly.

5. Do I have to download something to be able to play?

To play your favorite online casino you don't need to download anything, but you will only have to connect to Online roulette sites from your browser.

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