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Gambling has always had an irresistible charm on those who love to risk winning: from cards, to dice, to roulette every game is a land of conquest. The possibility of playing online has opened new horizons for players who from home, in total comfort and discretion, can try their hand at the virtual version of traditional Safe online casino. Thanks to our evaluations and the suggested strategies you will be able to juggle the various online casinos offered by the web by choosing the best, moving with awareness in order to limit losses and increase the winnings. On the other hand, which country better than USA gives guarantee of security, legality and precision?

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Blackjack online for players in USA

The first games of Blackjack real money to us were played, unlike how the name could suggest, in a casino in USA, around 1700. The game was actually called "21"And there were already many affinities with its current correspondent. With the American Revolution and emigration to the United States also the "21"He was exported to the US casinos, where gambling was not yet prohibited and became - with a little time - very popular.

The name "BlackJack"He was given to him for a novelty made by the casino managers to promote a game that at the beginning struggled to take hold: a bonus was given to the players who had a infantryman in their hands (" "Jack") Or an ace of spades. Then the United States began to prohibit gambling but, over the years 30, Nevada reversed the route again and what is still the overseas paradise of the Gambling: Las Vegasnull Within very little time the time BlackJack Casino resumed his popularity and his charm between casino visitors.

Check the contents of the page on Casino with Paypal.

How does Blackjack work on the online casino?

As a rule, each American online casino offers one or usually also different types of Blackjack casino. For example, here are many Blackjack online games for computer including the customer can choose.

Depending on the variant of the casino with free online black jack you choose, these games do not differ from those in a real casino in terms of rules. Because even in an online casino Blackjack the player receives two cards and can decide whether to buy or stay.

Of course, a supplier of online blackjack casino offers multiple varieties, since Blackjack can be played here in different variations. In a conventional casino, the tables often differ only in the minimum episode that must be made by turn.

The rules of online blackjack

The rules of the Blackjack online are the same as the real game table: wins who - between the player and the counter - is closer to the score of 21, without exceeding it (otherwise you "talks"), Based on the sum of the cards in hand. Players can be up to a maximum of 7 but the competition is always between the single player and the dealer.

The value of the Blackjack cards is of

  • 10 points for the figures (King, Regina and Jack)
  • 1 or 11 points for the ace (the positive value for the hand is automatically chosen)
  • The other cards represent the value of the number that represents them

The online game on the best site to play Blackjack begins by virtually mixing the cards (Particular software are used to prevent players from predicting which cards will come out). Two cards are distributed for each player and for the Croupier, who will keep a blanket and a discovery. To each player, starting from the one to the right of the counter, he is asked if he wants to ask for paper or stay. The dealer plays last and the moves of him are predetermined: he must ask for paper until he reaches the score of 17 and stop once he reached the 17th (including) he must stop. Attention to the variant of the 17 soft that allows the dealer to ask for paper if he has a 17 "soft”, That is low: ace+6 or ace+5+ace or ace+4+2. In this case the advantage of the bench is high, it is better to choose other casinos.

For the best blackjack strategies online, we report a table based on the probability of winning based on the possible combinations between the paper score in hand and the one that can be pulled by the counter.

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Mobile Blackjack Casino

Blackjack games are certainly among the most appreciated in Blackjack online casinos and as such attracts many people. Today, however, most of the online visitors navigate via smartphone, therefore on a phone whose screen is much smaller than that of a very common computer or even a tablet.

If you are a mobile player then it is always good to check that your online blackjack games are optimized for the phone. This means for you to be able to play, but also withdrawing and depositing directly from your phone without problems. To do this the best Blackjack site, which you can find on our list, also offers you applications to download from your store.

Live blackjack with royal croupier

Playing Black Jack online is also a matter of relationship with those who deliver the cards. In fact, in online casinos, the possibility of playing with real dealers is increasingly widespread, that is, people in flesh and bones who go to deliver the cards you request. This, in addition to increasing fun in the game, also makes it much more realistic.

Often it is also possible to speak through chat with your dealers, creating a relationship almost of friendship and thus being able to live the Blackjack game more serenely even if maybe you are losing.

Blackjack: the counting technique

In addition to the basic Black Jack strategy, there are other Blackjack techniques that can help to win even by betting little: Online you can also start with only 0, 10 $s!

Counting blackjack cards online is a way to predict which card could happen to us and move accordingly but it is not easy, a good method is needed to be able to keep in mind those releases. One of the most used is the hi lo and consists in assigning a specific score to each card. To each card from 2 to 6 you add +1 to the count; Each card from 7 to 9 is added a value of 0; Each ace or card of 10 value escapes -1 from the count. As you go in the game, if the score obtained is high it means that there are still cards with high valor to be distributed.

The 750 Blackjack method simpler from the mnemonic point of view is that of the sequences even if to be applied it is necessary to observe the trend of at least 7 games. According to the calculation of probability, in the free online blackjack rules the same trend occurred in the first 7 hands rarely occurs. By playing Blackjack strategies online are simpler because it is possible to write down the various trends.

roulette | Slot machine | Video poker

A fundamental variable when you choose in which casino to play Blackjack online is that of the bonuses offered, or promotions to attract the player to start a game.

The no deposit bonus of the Blackjack site, for example, gives the possibility of having a sum of money made available to the casino (the CD "fun bonus") To start playing. Beware of the Playthrough or the bond that the game house requires the player to bet that sum for a certain number of times: only once the path is completed will the bonus become a "real bonus”.

Even the best Welcome Blackjack bonuses are an interesting option: you are given a part of the sum you have bet. This part can be calculated or in a percentage extent (real welcome CD bonus) or indicating the maximum limit that the casino offers you (CD bonus with maximum deposit). Less practiced is the bonus now ("free hour") Or provides a conspicuous sum of money to play in an hour.

If you want to get a Blackjack bonus, take a look at the page dedicated to Best bonus casino.

The best alternatives to Blackjack

Blackjack is certainly one of the most appreciated games among the many proposed by online casinos, but it is certainly not the only one. On the best sites of Blackjack online you can find many other games among which we mention:

  • Italian classic poker;
  • Texan poker;
  • Tressette;
  • Broom;
  • Baccarat;
  • And many other Blackjack and non -Blackjack games.

In short, the variety is certainly not lacking, it is up to you to choose the game that best suits your tastes and start having fun.


In online blackjack, as in Gambling in general, luck has a fundamental role but the strategies and reliability of online casinos can truly change the fate of the game. One of the best tips that we include in our Blackjack guide is to know how to stop when you are winning, in this way we will know we have brought something home.

FAQ (frequent questions)
1. How to play Blackjack online?

To have fun with the Blackjack online game Just register in one of the sites we mentioned and start immediately with the deposit.

2. What is the best Blackjack site online?

I Best Blackjack sites They are the ones we have listed in this article, you can choose the one you prefer.

3. Can I play online blackjack with real money?

Of course, after registration you will have to make your first deposit and thus play to play immediately with real games.

4. What are the most popular online Blackjack games?

The game of the most popular Blackjack online is the classic one, with the addition of some marginal bets.

5. How to win at Blackjack online?

Winning at online blackjack is certainly difficult, but not impossible, remember to stop when you have won enough.

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