The best online video poker casino in USA with real money

The online casino have long offered the possibility of playing poker with online video poker: in 1994 the first free online video poker was launched with the advantages that virtual game involves compared to the real one. High jackpots, progressive jackpots and high payouts, together with the comfort and discretion that characterize the virtual world, are the main reasons for the continuous expansion of online casinos. Not to mention the fact that i American casino Online offer the player a vast variety of versions of video poker, with graphics and sounds that know how to conquer the player.

The best list of free video poker casino and with real money 2022

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The best video poker casino for American players

The term payout means the difference between the sum of money that the player bets and what he actually will get with the win. Often, in fact, the ratio is not 1 to 1, but in the most convenient online casinos you get very close. In general, the higher the payout the more the game is advantageous, because the higher the amount of the win. A criterion for choosing the online casino In fact, it could be the guarantee of a greater payout, but not forget to always check the safety of the site where you are starting to play.

What is the video poker?

il Video poker It is based on the variant of Poker Five Card Draw and is played on slot machines. The purpose of the game is to get the highest five -cards poker hand. There are several versions of video poker. For example, there are machines that allow you to play with the jokers. The Video Poker Jacks or Better variant is well known.

Storia of the Video Poker

Unlike other video poker casinos, whose origins can often be traced back to ancient times, the video poker arrived on the market only in the 70s, even if the game of poker had already been known for two or three hundred years.

Si Redd, an employee of the company americana Bally Technologies, he had the idea of the video poker casino in the mid -1970s. He tried to convince the company to produce the game, but found no interest. Redd then put himself on his own and founded his company of him, Sircoma. This company is now known as International Gaming Technologies, O IGT, and is still one of the main games developers.

The video poker is one of the most popular online casino games games

Orienting yourself among the various online video poker options can be difficult: through our guide and our advice, you will be able to choose with awareness. Professionalism, safety and precision are our strictly basic qualities "made in USA”: That's why you should trust the our casinos of Video poker recommended.

How you start playing: Video Poker in Safe Online Casino

Just like in real poker, the player - by pressing the "Deal" button - receives 5 cards from Dealer, after betting a certain sum. At this point the player must choose whether to change the cards (up to 4) or whether to keep them (in the online video poker is also given the possibility to increase the initial amount bet): pressing "Hold" indicates which cards he wants to keep. If he holds them all, the hand says he is "served".

When do you win at the video poker?

It is clear that the "heart" of the game lies precisely in the choice between discarding and being: The more the player gets a high score in his hand, the greater his win. Clearly, everyone will be able to process the most suitable video poker strategy to win: to obtain it you need experience and lucidity. At the end of the game the final score is calculated: the value of the hands is the same as poker "real"And the multipliers table can be displayed on the video poker screen.

The Payment Table in Poker

In general, the ranking of Payments, From the lowest to the highest, it corresponds to the following: it starts from the simple torque (at least two jacks) to the royal scale, with five cards of the same seed to the ace. Keep it in mind before making an episode!

  • Couple (that it is at least by jack)
  • Double copy (Two couples any cards - of the same value)
  • Tris (three cards of the same value)
  • Simple scale (orderly sequence of 5 different seed cards)
  • Color (five cards of the same seed, even not in order sequence)
  • Full House (a trio and a couple)
  • poker (four cards of equal value)
  • Color scale (Ordered sequence of 5 cards of the same seed)
  • Royal flush (orderly sequence of the 5 cards of the same seed, including the ace)

Some online video poker games

The variants of online video poker are different and are generally available in all devices. Whether it is a "private" station from the home PC or from its mobile device (mobile phone or tablet), whether it is a video poker machine arranged in a physical casino or in a dedicated space. If you want to discover the most famous and appreciated games by the Gambler, you have nothing to read our list!

Il Jack or Better

USA online casino They offer different types of video poker. The most famous is the Jack or Better: the dealer distributes 5 cards, the player decides which to keep and which to change. The scores are then calculated and multiplied according to the table. An interesting variant of the Jack or Better is the Tens Or Better in which the couples of ten have their own score. This variant is preferable to have fun in a quick game, even in its free variants.

The double poker bonus

It is a variant del Jack or Better which provides additional payouts when one hand presents with four cards of the same value, or poker. The higher the highest score will be the payout multiplier. In the online versions there are no full pay payments, but a payment is reached massimo of 99.37%.

Il Triple Play

Another variant of the Jack or Better is the triple play which is recommended to those who already have a certain familiarity with the basic version. Thanks to this type you can play three hands at a time and therefore accelerate the pace of the game and the possibility of winning. In fact, there are different games that offer multi play to make the game more fun, but the triple play is usually the most appreciated variant.

Deuces and Joker Wild

In the Deuces Wild variant The deck is used from 52 carte including the four cards with the value of two that are called "Wild Cards" (the minor win is the trio). The Joker Wild sees a 52 cards used the addition of a Joker (it is the “wild card") That can be replaced to get a better hand (the minor win is a double couple). Usually this is the variant in which the most substantial winnings are planned.

Il Joker Poker

A particularly fun variant is the Joker Poker, which gives the opportunity to play their starting combination 50 times, hoping to get a greater score. And even if so it doesn't go well, there are always the jokers that allow you to adjust the score given by the initial combination. After each hand you can choose whether to double the winnings or collect it by beating the desk on the fishing of the highest card.

Il King of the Decks

In the King of the decks 5 decks are used 52 cards each; The probability of winning are higher than the other types of online poker for which the slightest value to obtain a win is the double couple; The maximum goal would be to have 5 k of flowers. Interesting is the power poker in which it is possible to "amplify" your player's ability by trying on several games simultaneously.

Axes and faces

In the axes and faces variant (often known with the English name Aces and Faces) the axes and figures acquire more value than in other types of online video poker. In this variant the first score in the payments table is the pair of axes or figures, followed by the double couple, the trio, the scale, the color, the full. Poker with cards from 2 a 10 It is less worth the poker of figures, which in turn is less than the poker of axes. Obviously the highest score remains the royal scale.

The progressive jackpot

To always keep in the video poker online casino as well as in the other games proposed by online casinos, it is the possibility to choose versions with progressive jackpot or a prize pool that gradually increases with the participation of the various players: At each play, a part of the sum of the bet is added to the prize pool that can thus reach dizzying figures.

How do we evaluate the best video poker games?

# Play free video poker games online

Thanks to the numerous variations, we can say that online poker is a solution suitable for all players. Obviously the specific choice will be based on the needs of the individual, but we can give us guidelines for the choice of quality games and which allow the best possible gambing experience.

Here are some elements to pay attention when choosing the online video poker game:

The importance of the payments table

Not everyone knows the scores of the poker hands by heart, And there is nothing wrong with this, especially if you are a novice player. To allow everyone to make the right choice and to have more winning possibilities, the best games have a payments table clearly visible on the screen, in order to avoid any doubt given by the inexperience or emotion. Payment of the online casino.

Beware of Bankroll

If in the slot machine just sit in front of the program or the website and trust in luck, preliminary choices must be made for online video poker. Not all games have the same margin of victory, so before starting to play, evaluate your expectations well and choose accordingly. This will allow you to protect e Increase your Bankroll, or the sum you decide to make available for your game session.

What is variance?

The variance is the time frame that the system that manages the online video poker grants you to obtain the winning combination before making the payment. In practice, the higher the variance, the more time you have to achieve the winning combination. In games with lower variance i payments are more frequent But, as a rule, of lower extent. Then evaluate this also before playing and choose according to your needs.

I bonus poker

Each online casino has its own bonus Welcome, often very advantageous and who entice the player to choose that site to start their experience. They are often foreseen No deposit bonus Initial, that is, that they give you a sum to start playing only with the registration and verification of the account. Some online casinos also have weekly bonuses, which are obtained after making a weekly top -up tot. These bonuses usually activate through codes obtained on their profile on the site.

Get the best online video poker bonuses

To take your hand with the game it is important to also try i Free Online Poker Poker To understand which one is most suitable. The bonuses, if properly known, can be another valid help to acquire confidence and safety with the dynamics of the game. But be careful not to be disappointed after discovering that the bonus becomes "real" only after playing a nice number of games: let's never forget that the dealer is never on our side!

Strategies to move to the online video poker

First of all, it is essential to choose an online casino with the highest possible payout: this percentage indicates how much, of the sums collected, is returned by the casino itself as a win (Some videopoker reach a 99.5% payout).

Once you get to the heart of the game, the choice between keeping the cards and changing them is based on the starting value we have in hand and on the combination that we choose to complete. If the value is high, it is better to keep them rather than risk to get more. Color scale, real scale and poker certainly suggest one "stare". We must not even exclude the low cards a priori, which can instead help us obtain a winning combination, perhaps to complete a color scale.

How to play free video poker in USA

There are several possibilities for free video poker in USA, Think to meet those who want to have fun without thoughts or for those who do not feel still safe enough to aim for real money. In addition, the legislation of 1 July 2019 on Game of Gambling tries to stem the losses that are too important, in fact facilitating the choice of free video poker only for fun.

Free free poker videos are available on practically all online casino platforms, so it will not be difficult at all to find the most fun and captivating variant, depending on your taste.

Check the contents of the page on Reviews online casino.

The story video poker without money

Perhaps not everyone knows that this game has much older origins than you think. In fact, the first "machines"Date back to the end of the nineteenth century, when the first automated equipment operated in the token were spread, exactly like the Slot machine which will instead be introduced slightly later.

If the name recalls the most famous card game in the world, the mechanism is halfway between the slot and poker: The so -called 5 card draw. In the first machines there were five rollers on which 50 symbols of the cards that or not gave the winning combination to the player.

As we know, the principle has remained the same, unless you moved to online video poker, or in a computerized system.

The real contemporary video poker was born in 1972, patented by Dale Electronics which introduced a device called "Poker Matic" on the market, decidedly more cumbersome than the products we are used to! We will have to wait for 1979 to have an object more similar to those we know: the prototype was produced by Sircoma who gave the huge success of this game.

In Video Poker FREE

Let's go back to the main question: can you play for free? Certainly, but it must be specified that free casino poker are mainly online and free bar videos are much rarer, so you will have to equip yourself with a fixed device or Mobile And look for the best free online poker sites.

Once the site is selected, you need to look for the "for fun" mode to play your hand with virtual money. When you select this mode you can play the video poker free without registration, without downloading software But also ... without winning true money. Of course, because the "for Fun" mode is, in fact, for fun and as well as investing virtual money, if luck smiles us will always be virtual the win.

So what's the use? First of all to test yourself, learn the rules well and give you some pure play, without the anxiety of the loss and to make you try the most fun variant for you and your tastes. For the manager of the free online poker online there is the advantage of retaining the customer who will soon feel ready to play with real money.

In short, it is a real video poker free demo, or a simulation of what will then be playing with registration and buy-in.

The most popular video poker in USA

Before choosing which free Flash video poker to start, let's go to see what are the most loved variants in USA and in the world.

As for interface and themes there are really many possibilities and their value mainly depends on graphic quality.
As regards, however, the most substantial differences, or the game variants, can find at least three groups: the Jacks or Better, the Deuces Wild and the Joker Wild. Some of them like the 3 x Deuce Videopker also include the free video poker with doubled, that is, they allow you to immediately collect the prize or continue to multiply the figure.

Play responsibly

As in any other gambling, the psychological factor is decisive. First you need to establish your budget; Once you reach, you have to close. The temptation to continue playing to ride the winning wave or, on the contrary, to recover losses can be very strong, especially playing in the online casinos where sometimes the sense of time and with reality is lost. Losing is part of the game and we must accept it, remaining lucid and faithful to the set strategy.

FAQ (frequent questions)
1. What is the best way to play video poker?

Players should always bet the maximum amount of coins that can afford in the video poker. These games give the players to win disproportionately higher on the maximum episodes than the episodes with small coins, which means that players can win more with the same hands.

2. How do you win the video poker every time?

To a certain extent, the video poker is a gambling and therefore it is impossible to win every time. Having said that, players can take measures to increase their chances of winning. Some of these include control of payments for games for games with the best probability, understanding the rules of the video poker game they are playing, and the time needed to make intelligent bets in the game.

3. Is the video poker better than the slots?

While the slots are entirely based on the case, players can use strategies to influence their chances of winning jackpots in the video poker. The percentage of Payback in slot games varies considerably between 74% and 99%, while video poker games have an average of 96% and rarely descend below 90%. The video poker may not have the huge jackpots like some slot games, that is Mega Molah, but they can exercise their skills to influence their chances of winning real money.

4. Where can I play video poker?

Most casino have video poker machines available to play on the spot. It is also possible to play online through our recommended partner casinos.

5. Can I win real money with free online video poker?

It is better to clarify immediately that for the free version there are no winnings of real money! In fact, they are needed to practice and often these are virtual money or participation tickets for other games.

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